Monday, October 10, 2011

Interview with a Fourth Grader - The 39 Clues

 My amazingly expressive son agreed (enthusiastically) to be interviewed for my children's literature blog.  He is a fan of the adventure series The 39 Clues.  The "answers" in this interview are his own words (minus some umms and ahhs.)  

Q:  How would you describe the 39 Clues series?

A:  I think the 39 Clues series is the perfect balance of action, sorrow and betrayal.

Q:  Who are the main characters?

A:  Amy and Dan Cahill are the main characters.  They are kids who decide to join the clue hunt in the ultimate quest for a power source that can make you “almighty.”

Q:  So, are they the protagonists?

A:  Yes. 

Q:  Who is the antagonist?

A:  Pretty much anyone who goes against Amy and Dan.  Specifically, The Kabras, they are pure evil.  There are different bad guys in each of the books.

Q:  What are the four family groups in the 39 Clues?

A:  Lucian – The strategic and cunning family group.
      Ekaterina – The smart, inventor-type family group.
      Janus – The artistic family group.
     Tomas – The strong, athletic family group.
*There is actually a secret, fifth family group revealed in Book #4.

Q:  Did you have one book in the series that was your favorite?

A:  I’m not sure.  They are all so perfect I can’t have a favorite.

Q:  What is the setting of the story?

A:  Actually, the whole world is their setting.  Grace Cahill, the leader of the Cahill family, sets up this quest by putting clues all over the world.  There are two locations in every book.

Q:  Is the 39 Clues series scary, suspenseful or romantic?

A:  The books are scary and suspenseful, but not romantic.  In at least three of the books a character dies.  Actually, there are deaths in only two of the books because one of the deaths was faked.  The fake death was in Book #4.

Q:  How would you summarize the plot?

A:  Amy and Dan Cahill have to make a choice between inheriting one million dollars and joining the clue hunt to discover the ultimate power.  The ultimate power is the combination of the 39 clues.  Amy and Dan choose to join the hunt and face all sorts of danger and adventure.

Q:  What else would you like to tell me about the book?

A:  Amy and Dan Cahill aren’t just on a clue hunt.  The books lead up to a whole legacy of betrayal.   Some of the books are sad, but you’ll get over it.

Q:  Would you recommend this book to a friend?

A:  I would recommend this book.  I’ve already recommended this book to my friend, Jacob.  I would also recommend this book to a friend with a lot of spirit who loves to read fun books.

Q:  On a scale from 1 – 10, what would you rate this series of books?

A:  That’s a hard question.  I’d go with a 9. 

Tell me what you and your kids thought about The 39 Clues.

Blog you later!

Ali B.

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Jessica said...

I love Mateo's insights into 39 Clues! We just started it as a read aloud for my class on Friday and I can already tell the students are hooked.