Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My ten year old son recommended Rules.  He read it in school with his book circle group and suggested I read and review it at Literary Lunchbox.  Book recommendations from my fourth grader?  Does it get any better than that?

Rules is the touching story of an adolescent girl and her eight year old autistic brother.  Catherine loves her little brother David, but his needs and habits are also a source of embarrassment and resentment.  In an attempt to teach David proper manners and behaviors, Catherine composes a list of rules for her brother.
  1. If someone says "hi," you say "hi" back.
  2. If it's too loud, cover your ears or ask the other person to be quiet.
  3. No toys in the fish tank.
In Rules, Cynthia Lord writes characters in real life situations who have to adjust their actions to accommodate differently abled friends and family.  I enjoyed this book for its attention to autism, friendship and family dynamics.  I recommend this award winning book to Middle Grade readers and their parents.

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Ali B.


Pam said...

I love the term, differently abled. I also love that your son has a special role in your blog. I know this makes him feel special. This books seems to hit just the right notes with the subject matter. Thanks for this post.

Library Gal said...

I hadn't seen this one before. I'll definitely look for it at my library. Thanks!

Perogyo said...

I love that your son has a book circle! It's one thing to share reading with your parents, but another to share it with your peers! Fantastic!