Friday, July 11, 2014

Out of My Mind

This book waited for far too long on my To Be Read pile. Out of My Mind tells the story of Melody - bright, sweet, and trapped in a body she can't control with thoughts and ideas she is unable to voice. Funny and heartbreaking but always uplifting, Sharon M. Draper gives us a first-person look into the gifted mind of a young girl with guts and determination. And cerebral palsy.

The three things I loved the most:

1. Mrs. V. In a word - stupendous. I loved her honesty, her compassion, and her "I'm not throwing you a pity party" attitude. More than any other character, Mrs. V empowered Melody. She reminded me a lot of my mom - huge bonus.

2. Mrs. Shannon. The last of the H-5 teachers we meet. What a gem! I love that she gets rid of all the old preschool, watered-down, learning activities for the kids and starts to differentiate her instruction for their individual needs. We need more Special Ed teachers with that attitude - actually we need more schools willing facilitate full-inclusion of special education students.

3. Melody. Of course. Brilliant! When she gets Elvira, her communication device, her whole world opens up and so does Melody. It doesn't change the way we read the story - we always knew what was in her mind - but her ability to communicate with others changed what we know about her spirit. We could see her react, honestly react, to her parents, teachers, and peers. We learned what she'd say and what she kept to herself. Melody is inspirational.

This is the first book I've read by Sharon M. Draper, but I look forward to reading her other award-winning titles.

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Ali B.

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Anonymous said...

This is a inspirational read! I loved your review of it. I hope all your blog followers get a chance to read it.