Friday, September 30, 2011

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Young Adult novel

This book is peculiar.  It definitely has three acts and I want to write about those later, but for now I'd like to comment on the photos by saying, WOW!  Even if I hadn't found the story compelling (which I did) I would have read the book just for the photo tie-in.  The cover photo alone was worth the price of the book.  The images are haunting.  The photo of the two white "clowns" is perverse.  Why is the one clown feeding the other ribbon?  Or is he pulling it out of her mouth?  Either way, it gives me chills.  I felt like to pictures added to the story without being too gimmicky.  That's hard to pull off in a young adult novel.

The story is really separated into three parts.  Act 1 was the unimpressive back story.  I was worried that I would never connect to Jake.  I found him totally unlikeable and self-absorbed.  I love Grandpa Abraham.  I had a hard time understanding why he felt so connected to Jake, enough to share is bizarre history, but thankfully that is explained later.  I thought the author, Ransom Riggs, introduced us to some unnecessary characters in the beginning, but I actually found myself liking that I didn't like Jake and his parents very much.

Act 2 is when we get to learn about the island, Miss Peregrine's home and all of the quirky "peculiars."  I loved this part of the book.  I thought the time loop was a great plot development.  Who doesn't love a little bit of time travel?  I sometimes felt like the explanations were a bit vague.  I wanted to know how Miss Peregrine made the loop.  I also felt like I wanted more information about the peculiar kids.  Why did they still act like kids?  What was their history?  Maybe Ransom Riggs will treat us to another installment and answer some of these questions.

Act 3 is fast.  Traveling in and out of the loop got a bit confusing.  I had to do some rereads.  I loved the idea of the wights and the hollows.  Creepy, evil and monstrous with just enough mystery to keep me turning the page.  They are definitely worth destroying.  Again, I hope Riggs continues his story.  He certainly left us with a cliffhanger.

Tell me what you think:

Did you find the photos intriguing or distracting?
If Ransom Riggs continues the story, will we run into Grandpa Abraham in the past?
Does Emma love Jake or Abraham?

Blog you later!

Ali B


Mr. H. said...

Love your blog! Makes me want to go out and read those books. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Random Riggs has some terrific photo essays as well. There is a good one on the Salton Sea.

Gretchen said...

I'm still thinking about this book. Although it wasn't what I'd call a "perfect read," I want it on my bookshelf, mainly to check out the photos again. The story is delightfully weird (I'm thinking about the guy who lifted boulders and ended up staying in the freshly dead state.)

I'm hoping for a sequel at least. I was thinking maybe Emma and Jake would fall in love, but if they are time traveling, they'll surely run into Abraham.