Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Honestly, I don't read a lot of YA.  The fads and trends are tiresome, and  I hate the constant comparisons.  That being said, I have read some incredible YA.  When the story is good, it sucks me in.  I can't put it down.  Literally!

Three years ago, while in the throws of my Twilight obsession, I read at stoplights, in parking lots, and yes, in the bathroom.  During one particularly engrossing reading session, I even agreed to let my son (then seven years old) give away all his money in a *cash sale*.  It wasn't until he had trouble dragging a kitchen chair out the door while trying to balance his piggy bank that I came out of my stupor.  I appreciated his philanthropic idea, but got nervous at the idea of my 1st grader sitting outside handing out cash to people who walked by and, in his word, needed it.

Divergent is worth every stolen moment of YA pleasure.  All my doubts about reading another dystopian series vanished when Veronica Roth introduced me to Tris.  Tris has a lot in common with other noteworthy dystopian heroines - Katniss comes to mind - but Tris is her own person.  She's strong, stubborn, and a bit of a bad-ass.  I'm a fan!

There are five factions in the Divergent's Chicago of the future.  Amity is the faction of peace.  Candor is honesty.  Erudite is intelligence.  Abnegation is selflessness.  Dauntless is bravery.  On choosing day, all sixteen year old citizens must choose a faction.  The choice of factions decides your friends, beliefs and loyalty, but first you must pass initiation.

Setting up a society where people are separated by virtue - this can't go smoothly.  Am I right?

Divergent  is my kind of YA.  I can't wait for the sequel - Insurgent - coming May, 2012.

Blog you later!

Ali B.


Kel I Am said...

This one I want to read for myself! Now if Lenny is up for any acting parts in the movie version then I am really IN!

angela said...

I tried to read this one. Unfortunately, I had just finished the Hunger Games and was still awash in the afterglow of Katniss. I had a hard time following along without comparing it. Worth a second read now that Hunger Games are pushed back behind a couple other books:-)