Monday, April 23, 2012

Small As An Elephant

I read this book in a day.

The story is compelling, and the main character Jack is well-written and believable.  From the first page of Jennifer Jacobson's middle grades book, I found myself emotionally connected to this brave and loyal boy.  I simultaneously wanted to save him and cheered his efforts to save himself.

Small as an Elephant is the story of Jack, a young boy who wakes up on the first morning of a camping trip and realizes his mother is gone.  Although worried and upset, Jack knows what has happened.  His mom has left. Again.

Alone in a strange state, Jack must find her.  But how does a penniless, eleven year old boy go about finding his bipolar mother?

Some of the things I loved about Small as an Elephant:

  • Jack's mother is not a character.  She only appears in Jack's thoughts and memories.  Her absence throughout the book makes Jack's predicament all the more heart-breaking and real.
  • Jack loves elephants.  His love for the animals and facts about elephants are important elements in the story.
  • Jack's journey is believable.  His efforts to find his mom, feed himself, travel, and not get caught are plausible actions for a resourceful young boy.
Small as an Elephant would make a great book club selection for middle grades readers or a book for a parent to share with their child.  There's much to be discussed in this wonderful story.

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Ali B.

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Amy P. said...

Your description of the book made me want to read it immediately. I thought this was a great book!11